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Prosper has transformed from a rural area into a place with a small-city feel. There are many businesses, retail shops, restaurants, and even a shopping mall that sprouted up in recent years. As of 2018, the number of residents had surpassed the 10,000 mark.

Prosper has an old name, it harkens back to the time of the pioneers. This whole area was first established only as a pit stop of the St. Louis, San Francisco and Texas Railway. It was actually one of the last communities in Collin County to be established. A Post Office opened here in 1893, but it wasn’t until 1914 that the town was incorporated with just 500 residents.

The city got its name from the prosperity that people who moved into the town enjoyed.

Even if the summers in Texas can be a bit hot, it doesn’t seem to get too humid in Prosper. Even visitors to the place remark how beautiful the weather is in the city. Throughout the year, you get about two months of winter and a little snow. But the cold white powder is a novelty rather than a cause of annoyance, unlike in other areas in the US with much more snow each year.

The town is being served by the Prosper Independent School District, which includes Windsong Elementary School, Baker Elementary School, Light Farms Elementary School, Cockrell Elementary School, Hughes Elementary School, Folsom Elementary School, and Rucker Elementary. For middle schools, there are Reynolds Middle School and Rogers Middle School (Opened Fall 2008).  For high school there is Prosper High School.

The public education in Prosper consistently achieves high marks compared to other school districts in Texas. The facilities are excellent and the teachers actually care about how their students are doing.

Prosper High School, for instance, really prepares its students because of the rigorous curriculum and the high standards of the teachers. The students are the right mindset when they go off to college and when they want to join the labor force.

The school has a good volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, and baseball program. They are programs that instill in the students the values of competition, hard work, and the ability to be humble in victory.

There are also plenty of clubs and other extracurricular activities to help kids develop into healthy well-rounded adults. The crime rate in Prosper is low, which is typical of a suburb. For most people, the kind of peace of mind they enjoy is worth the price of moving to this new place.

When you move into Prosper, you get a feeling that people have a good sense of community. They know their role and responsibility within this ecosystem.

In fact, walk around the city and you will be amazed at how clean it is. Much of the credit goes to the city which ensures the community has enough trash bins and cleaners. However, the residents deserve a pat on the back, too, because they also make sure their surroundings are clean.

What to Do in Prosper

One thing that people really got excited about was the opening of a new shopping center called, The Gates of Prosper. For a long time, when people wanted to go on a shopping binge, they would go to McKinney. It’s not really that far considering that the drive is just 15 minutes, but there’s something about having your own shopping mall.

The Gates of Prosper has all the things you expect from a shopping center. Apart from the stores, there are restaurants, spas, salons, pastry shops, an art gallery, and sports supply shops. Among the stores you can find inside include Walmart, TJ Maxx, Dicks Sporting Goods, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, PetSmart, and the discount retail shop, Five Below.

Meanwhile, there are parks that offer plenty of paved and soft trails for joggers, runners, and bikers. Some of the trails lead to the woods, which is a good way to explore the area with your kids and teach them about the environment.

Downtown Prosper seems like a snap shot of the history of the city. The one-story buildings just amplify the charm of the whole city. Walk around and talk to the store owners who are record-keepers of Prosper’s development from a rural town to a small city.

Prosper Real Estate

While Prosper has developed into a city, it has still retained that rural feel. Part of this is the presence of abundant open fields. With all that land, you can generally get a bigger sized lot when you purchase a house in this area.

Real estate values here range from $400,000 to $480,000. That might seem steep compared to the average in Texas, but ask the residents and they will most likely tell you that they do not regret moving here and consider it to be an investment in their future. Most people here really enjoy the small town charm of the place and the rural lifestyle.

The nights can get pretty quiet in Prosper and if you come from the big city, you will come to appreciate that indulgence. Instead of the lights of the skyscrapers overwhelming you, the dark sky illuminated by countless stars will provide another perspective. It can really help your mind to slow down and keep pace with the rhythm of the city.

Prosper has that rural charm. People who move into the city tend to open up because the neighbors are very friendly and welcoming. One advantage of living here is that you can always explore the bigger cities like Dallas, McKinney, or Frisco whenever you want.

Prosper is a great place to live. It is a small, quaint town that has that southern feel, but is still close to bigger cities. Some people enjoy visiting the big city from time to time, but when it comes time to relax in the evenings or the weekends, most people here prefer a slower, less crowded, and less rushed style of life.

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